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"Never underestimate the power of a girl with a book."

- R.B.G.


Aubre and her daughters at LA Times Festival of Books.

what we're all about

Gender Equality

Make STEM a safe and welcoming space for all girls while normalizing women in STEM. Close the gender, wage, and diversity gap for all women. 


Highlight diversity in STEM to provide 'window' (I peek into someone else's life) and 'mirror' (I see myself in this person's life) perspectives to all girls.

Scientific Thinking

STEM activities encourage readers to take action and apply scientific principles to their everyday lives. 

Female Leadership

Introduce girls (and boys!) to real-life, modern, female role models who are educated professionals, leaders, and explorers.

Global Mindset

Encourage kids to be curious and kind, to embrace differences, and to think beyond their own borders. 

Statistics We Want to Change

Named Best Nonfiction Book Series for Kids
by the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

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